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Myopia is a “behavior disease”, pay attention to these behaviors can protect the eyes!

Is the child’s vision OK after school starts?

Myopia is a “behavioral disease”, because once there is a bad eye behavior in life, not corrected in time, it will induce myopia in children. Parents will always ask when the child is near myopia (reserve), how to prevent and control what should be paid attention to?

What can parents do for their children in daily life to prevent myopia from developing faster? Let’s take a look!


Follow the three 1s, three 20s rule: Keep your eyes one foot away from the book, your hand one inch away from the pen, and your chest one punch away from the table. Correct sitting posture can prevent parallax strabismus, etc. For children who have bad habits, you can use a sitting posture corrector.

Three Rules of 20: For every 20 minutes at close range, look 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds or more.


Four Nos: not reading in bed; Do not tilt your head or lean over the table to read or write; Don’t read while walking or riding in a car; Don’t read or write in too weak or too strong light.


Screen – Choose a series of white characters on black background, choose books to write and read, as far as possible to choose non-fluorescent paper, not dazzling, eyes will be more relaxed.


During the day, do not sun your eyelids under strong light, stay outdoors in the shade, sleep at night do not turn on the night light, the light still has penetration ability when the eyes are closed, through the eyelid, the light will enter the fundus retina.

Avoid lying on your stomach or side to press the eyeballs, look at the side to lie down, do not rub/squint eyes hard, do eye opening training every day, to avoid bad eye behavior resulting in increased astigmatism.


Close-up eye use doesn’t just happen with electronics; Daily Lego, toys, piano, painting, etc. are close to the eye should also pay attention to reduce, reduce eye fatigue, prevent eye axis growth too fast


Spend two hours outdoors every day: If you can’t do it, create the conditions to do it. For example, the school journey, near the balcony and Windows are brighter but not dazzling places for children, and the school 10-minute recess reminds children to go outdoors.


Outdoor ball games such as playing basketball, playing table tennis, playing badminton, etc., can effectively activate the blood vessels around the eyes and strengthen the ciliary muscle to see near and far.



The child’s eyes need a green light source, rather than the full spectrum of night use, the eye protection light line bought for the child must be suitable, low blue light, shading must be better, the color rendering index must be high. You should also turn on the ceiling light in your room while studying. (The lens transmittance of adults is lower than that of children, so the brightness of the lamp should be felt by children)

A balanced diet, no sugar, carbonated drinks, less carbohydrates, more food rich in beta-carotene, lutein W-3, etc. is conducive to the development of children’s eyes, but also can prevent dry eyes, floater and other fundus problems, adequate supplement can achieve thickening choroidal axis control effect!

From the age of three years old, I went to the hospital and professional eye optometry institution every three months to report and check the biological parameters of the eyes, monitor the development of the eyes, establish a file of eye refractive development, and organize it into an analysis table, which can predict the trend and warn the risk. If the eye axis of adolescents is close to or exceeds 23mm, timely intervention and prevention measures are needed!


Avoid myopia problem can not be “desperate medical”, do not believe that some of the market vision recovery, mirror picking methods, which may have a negative impact on the child’s eyes.

Remember: True myopia can not be completely cured, only scientific correction, scientific prevention and control!

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