Who are our customers?

Online seller

Online shopping is trending globally. We offer glasses in small quantities for sale on platforms like Amazon, eBay, tiktok, Shopify. Our team assists in style and color selection, and handles international express/air shipping.

Brand owner

Whether you’re an established label or launching your first eyewear collection, our team can assist with all production stages, including logo design and printing. We offer OEM and ODM services tailored to your needs, and can help grow your brand. For customisation ideas, please contact our sales team.

Eyewear Distributor

As an eyewear distributor, it is crucial to find reliable suppliers. As a manufacturer, we introduce our own unique designs each year, including a wide range of materials. We accept a variety of small orders and develop nearly 200 new styles each year to ensure fresh inventory.

Eyewear Wholesaler

If you’re an eyewear wholesaler needing a variety of styles, we can help with low MOQs due to our diverse product lines. You can order small quantities of each style, aiding in satisfying customers and starting your business. Contact our sales team for recommendations based on market conditions in different countries. We aim to provide optimal support.

Chain store

We offer a variety of affordable classic eyewear including sunglasses, children’s glasses, reading glasses and optical glasses, ideal for chain stores. With vast experience and strong relationships with international supermarket chains, we excel in supplying these products.

Eyewear importer

If you’re an eyewear importer with specific customer needs, you may require multiple suppliers. Whether your customers prefer fashionable handmade sunglasses or eco-friendly glasses, our diverse factories can meet your needs, offering metal, handmade acetate, and injection glasses. Choosing us saves you time.

What can we do?

Our expert innovation team provides customers with the latest materials, processes, and structures.

We have a dedicated sample manufacturing room for fast, high-quality metal or handmade eyewear samples.

Our skilled eyewear design team can create designs based on your brand's unique elements.

Our experienced engineers can enhance provided design drawings and provide 2D or 3D technical drawings as needed.

We partner with WGSN for fashion trend forecasting, and can provide customers with various reports.

We also offer photography services, including product and model images, upon request.

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