STILO, dedicated to responsibly and sustainably connecting people to nature, aims to be part of a sustainable eyewear system and values the human contribution to environmental improvement. We make business decisions considering their impact on people and the planet, advocating for more sustainability in the eyewear industry. Our goal is to inspire customers with sustainable options and promote the circular fashion movement.

• Our ISCC certified factory is committed to sustainability.

• Our GRS certification underlines our efforts to increase recycled materials in production.

• We’ve implemented green initiatives such as effluent purification systems and use recycled paper and energy-efficient lights in our offices.

• We use many responsible and eco-friendly materials to produce our eyeglasses: Truegrasses made from leftover agricultural straw, ECOco made from carbon monoxide emissions from the steel industry, Ocean recycled material made from discarded fishing nets from the ocean, RPET made from recycled plastic water bottles… with more materials in development.

• We encourage customers to use these environmentally friendly materials in their eyeglass frames. Such as: Truegrasses, Bio Acetate, HEXETATE, G850, Recycled PCTG, Recycled TR90, Recycled stainless steel, Ocean recycled material, Recycled Nickel Silver, ECOco….

• We offer a variety of recycled and biodegradable packaging options

• We ensure fair wages and safe conditions for our employees. Stay updated on our sustainability initiatives as we continue to reduce our carbon footprint

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