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TRUEGRASSES’s original color is matte creamy with fiber texture, applied to injected frames. TRUEGRASSES presents a unique textural spot of grass fiber which brings a visual-eco concept, Each piece represents a unique textural spot of grass fiber with the fresh scent of nature—implying 4R (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Rescue) into a new image of plastics


TRUEGRASSES presents a unique textural spot of grass fiber. Made of 30% natural plants, blended with 10% recycled plastics and 60% food-grade recycled plastics


1 TRUEGRASSES Frame = 4 Plastic bottle caps saved

After removing the metal components, the TRUEGRASSES frame can be recycled with bottles


TRUEGRASSES presents a unique texural spot of grass fiber which brings a visual-eco concept.

Just simply apply a technique, lasering natural patterns such as leaf fiber to add detail and create a new look.

The outcome is surprisingly beautiful!



1. What is the origin of the TRUEGRASSES material?

TRUEGRASSES material is imported from Taiwan. 30% Natural straw + 10% recycled PP is from Taiwan, and 60% of food-grade PP is from Germany.


2. Is TRUEGRASSES Recyclable?

Yes! TRUEGRASSES is recyclable! Just remove metal components that are on the TRUEGRASSES frames, You can simply recycle TRUEGRASSES frames with plastic bottle caps !!


3. What are the natural plants included in TRUEGRASSES ?

Grasses, wheat, rice, and flax, etc.


4. How do TRUEGRASSES help the environment?

TRUEGRASSES uses these agricultural wastes as the base of production material and cooperates with stable, eco-friendly Polypropylene to make daily products. This application not only creates new green values for the wastes but also reduces the large consumption of plastics.


5. TRUEGRASSES is blended with natural straws, color can vary from batch to batch depends on the harvesting season. There will be a tolerance for TRUEGRASSES colors.

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