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How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape ?

Glasses are no longer an ordinary everyday item, in addition to assisting vision, a pair of carefully selected glasses can enhance and even change your temperament. So many friends with normal vision will also wear a pair of flat lenses.
In addition to material, color and shape, the most important thing when choosing glasses is to take advantage of the shape of your face. Some frames are really nice to look at, but they can be scary if they don’t match your face shape. Today we are going to talk about how to choose glasses according to your face shape.

Choose the right frame for your face.
Just like hairstyles and beards, frames should be tailored to the shape of your face. According to the shape of the frame, we roughly divided the face shape matching it into five types. According to this method to take the seat, want to pick the wrong is quite difficult. Of course, there is more than one type of frame for each face shape, and you can also prepare several pairs for yourself to match different looks.

Round Faces

While a round face is really cute (think Leo dicaprio or Boss Jia), you don’t want to emphasize how round your face is! Therefore, an eternal truth is that round face must be formula glasses, it can subtly modify your round face, visually make you look less fleshy, like these:

Oval Faces

Oval face shape is actually the most common kind of face shape, this face shape is also the easiest to match in the frame, because whether it is a square or a round frame will not be too contrary, the more recommended glasses are rounded square, such as the following:

Square Faces

That’s what we call a Guoku face. Just like a round face needs square glasses, a square face needs a round frame to modify it. The more angular the features, the rounder the selected frame should be, like these:

It is important to note that round glasses will cover more area. Pay attention to size and don’t let your glasses cover your eyebrows or cheeks.

Rectangular Faces

Combining the features of an oval face and a square face, Li Yong is more typical. Frames suitable for this face shape are somewhere between round and square. To make your face less visually long, pay attention to the curve at the top of the frame and where the lenses of the frame join together. These two subtle details can effectively modify the lack of face shape.

Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces are also considered the most beautiful melon faces. The overall structure of this face shape is like an upside down triangle, with the forehead being wide and the cheeks tightening down. So the focus of the selection of frames is to make the forehead look less wide, and leave some space in the cheek part, such as these:

Color is also important

Color is easier to ignore than shape, but it’s a plus when used correctly. In general, try to avoid overly jumping colors in general, including white. Then choose according to your skin tone, close to the skin tone but not too consistent, it will look very comfortable.

If the skin color is lighter, the choice will be larger, and you can try more. If the skin tone is moderate, you can try tortoiseshell, which will have an advanced texture. For darker skin tones, the safest is a black border, you can also try a dark red wooden border.
About sunglasses
The design of sunglasses is more about how to make you cooler, and the lenses will be much larger than optical glasses, so the above rules and regulations do not apply to sunglasses, after all, most of the time when wearing sunglasses is not to fly yourself right.

Finally, these glasses matching rules are just a general suggestion, and you can certainly experiment more, because as mentioned at the beginning of this article, a reasonable pair of glasses is definitely the finishing touch of your overall look.

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