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A tree consumes CO2 to purify the air.


A frame that purifies the air ?!

Every 10,000 tons of ECOco created It reduces environmental emissions of CO by 5,000+ tons




1. Is ECOco a brand-new material? If not, what are the objects that are made of ECOco in other industries?

ECOco has just been introduced to the world for 2 years.

ECOco has been used on vehicle parts, electric machine parts, curtain fiber, and industrial rope.

However, STILO is a pioneer that brought ECOco to the eyewear industry.


2. What is ECOco’s green point?

ECOco is certificated as made of pure resin, ECOco is also certificated as Green Technology with low carbon production.

During the production process of ECOco material, it consumes 50% of harmful CO from industrial pollution gases.

ECOco is more eco-friendly than any of the existing plastic materials.


3. How’s ECOco’s physical performance? Testing in numbers?

Compared to PC and PA12, ECOco has great characteristics such as flexibility, tonicity and resilience, which make it perfect for eyewear production.


4. ECOco formaldehyde content?

It’s very low almost zero, by migration test, it’s non-formaldehyde detected


5. ECOco Chemical Resistance?

ECOco’s chemical resistance is at the top level among all of the plastics, non-affected by any acidic/basic solutions.


6. Is ECOco high temperature resistant?

ECOco’s High-Temperature Decomposition is up to 200℃.


7. What are the pros of ECOco in general?

ECOco has excellent “Impact strength”, “Chemical Resistance”, “Anti-abrasion”, “Gas barrier”, and “Flame retardant”, superior to any of current engineering plastic with great sustainability.


8. What’s ECOco’s material original color? How to apply colors/patterns to it?

ECOco is a milky white material. It can be colored by spraying, water-transferring print, or silk/ pad print.


9. Can ECOco share the mold with any of the existing eyewear industry plastic? Is there any request for ECOco mold tooling?

ECOco can share the mold with TR90. For ECOco new mold, please maintain thickness at 2.5mm or more, and width at 1.5mm or more.


10. What’s the limitation of lens material with ECOco frames?

Regarding ECOco’s great Chemical Resistance, you can assemble any kind of lens on ECOco frames without chemical reaction.


11. Is ECOco safe? Is there any CO included?

ECOco is very safe without CO detected from the material, ECOco has Reach, RoHS, and FDA certificated, and also with the eyewear highest testing standard Nike RSL tested and passed!

During the ECOco material production process, CO is simply just the catalyst to make ECOco. ECOco is also used for kids’ toys main material for the US’s biggest fast food chain.


12. Where does ECOco Carbon Monoxide from? How do you collect it?

ECOco is reusing the CO from the Steel Industry.

The CO collecting process is collected from the Steel Industry emission of coal gas.

See below filtering process –

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