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Advantages of plate glasses frames
1. Lightweight and comfortable: Sheet glasses frames are made of lightweight polymer materials. Compared with glasses frames made of metal, aluminum alloy and other materials, they are lighter and more comfortable, and will not feel tired even if worn for a long time.
2. Fashionable and beautiful: The surface of the plate glasses frame is smooth and comes in various colors, which can meet the fashion needs of different people. Its shape and design are also unique and can highlight individuality.
3. Anti-allergy: The plate glasses frame does not contain metal elements and is not likely to cause skin allergies. It is very suitable for people with allergies.

Disadvantages of acetate glasses frames
1. Fragile and easy to deform: The sheet glasses frame material is relatively fragile and prone to breakage or deformation. Special attention must be paid to protection during use.
2. Not resistant to high temperatures: The plate glasses frame is easily deformed when heated. If placed in a high temperature environment or exposed to the sun for a long time, the service life of the plate glasses frame will be affected.
3. Not corrosion-resistant: The surface material of plate spectacle frames is easily corroded by chemical substances, such as detergents containing acidic ingredients.

【in conclusion】
Generally speaking, acetate glasses frames are an excellent glasses frame material. They have the advantages of being lightweight, fashionable, and anti-allergic. However, they also have shortcomings such as being fragile and deformable, not resistant to high temperatures, and not resistant to corrosion. Therefore, they are not suitable for use. Special attention needs to be paid to protection during the process.

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