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2023 Hong Kong Optical Fair

To further promote the development of China’s foreign trade, the 2023 Hong Kong Optical Fair will be held in Hong Kong from November 8 to November 10, 2023

Booth: IC-C002

The exhibition introduction

【Exhibition Name]】The 31st Hong Kong Optical Fair
【 Exhibition Time 】From November 8 to November 10, 2023
【 Venue 】Wan Chai, Hong Kong
【 Venue Name 】Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

【 Exhibition Overview 】The Hong Kong Eyewear Show, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, has been successfully held for 30 sessions by 2022. As one of Asia’s leading trading platforms for optometry products, the rapid development of the Hong Kong Eyewear Show reflects the prosperity of the global eyewear industry. The 2019 Hong Kong Eyewear Show brought together 810 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, the number of exhibitors, participating countries, and regions is the highest in history. The exhibition attracted 14,063 buyers from about 96 countries and regions to visit and purchase, which was unprecedented.

Following the tradition of the previous edition, Hong Kong Eyewear Expo 2023 will organise a number of activities for participants, including a series of seminars to enhance their understanding of the trends, developments, and market developments of the eyewear industry; At the same time, an optical conference was held, and a number of industry experts were invited to speak in Hong Kong. During the Fashion Eyewear Show, exhibitors can display various products in various ways and get a glimpse of the future of eyewear design. In various networking activities, industry professionals can take the opportunity to meet and communicate with their counterparts from all over the world to create more business opportunities.

Exhibition content

● Brand gallery: all kinds of brand glasses
● Smart glasses: All kinds of smart glasses
● Ophthalmoscope: ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscope
● Children’s glasses and accessories: children’s glasses, children’s glasses frames, children’s glasses accessories
● Reading glasses: reading glasses
● Contact lenses and accessories: branded contact lenses, branded contact lens solution, contact lens case, contact lens solution, contact lens and accessories
● Glasses accessories: publicity and packaging supplies, glasses cloth, glasses case, glasses mount, glasses chain
● Glasses, frames and lenses: modern glasses, acetate frames, polycarbonate frames and lenses, mixed material frames, frame parts, lenses, raw materials for glasses, glasses parts, etc
● Sports and professional glasses: ball goggles, bicycle glasses, industrial goggles, goggles
● Optical instruments, equipment and machinery: optical instrument, optical instrument, lens coating equipment, optical machinery equipment, lens processing equipment, frame/lens machinery equipment
● Business services: eyewear design services, business services and publications, quality inspection/testing services

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