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The material of nylon lenses is mainly transparent polyamide.

Due to its use of introducing side groups into the molecular chain to disrupt the regularity of molecules and suppress crystal formation, transparent polyamides are obtained. Many sports brands and luxury brands use nylon materials for their sunglasses.

Polyamide is a semi-crystalline polymer material that usually appears milky white or opaque, mainly because polyamide molecules contain a large number of regularly repeated polar amide groups and often have flexible hydrocarbon chains. This regular structure, combined with the intermolecular attraction generated by polarity and hydrogen bonding, is more likely to promote molecular crystallization. When the degree of crystallization is large or the crystal size is greater than the visible light wavelength, polyamide exhibits opacity.



Light: Only about one-tenth of the weight of glass of the same volume and half of the weight of traditional resin lenses.

Durable: It has physical properties of impact resistance and deformation resistance, and under strong impact, it does not crack or break, nor does it have fragments – so-called safety lenses.
Environmental protection: Thermosetting materials have recyclability because they can be recycled and processed into other industrial products.

Non-scratch-resistant: The surface of the lens needs to be hardened with a scratch-resistant protective film to achieve better aging in use.

High processing cost: The processing performance of lenses is relatively poor, requiring professional processing equipment and technical personnel.



NYLON lenses are a type of ultra-fine UV-resistant transparent crystal material, with small crystals that do not scatter visible light. The most prominent feature is its excellent stress-cracking resistance and excellent chemical resistance. It has self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, and is inert to biological erosion. It has good antibacterial and mold resistance, making it the first choice for high-end lenses.

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