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High Myopia How To Protect The Eyes?

High myopia can be protected by using the eyes properly, avoiding excessive rubbing of the eyes, and avoiding strenuous exercise.


1. Reasonable use of eyes

Patients with high myopia need to pay attention to eye hygiene in daily life, avoid playing on mobile phones, computers, TV, and other electronic products for a long time, develop reasonable eye habits, can control the degree continues to grow, which is more beneficial to protect the eyes and alleviate eye fatigue.

2. Avoid rubbing your eyes too hard

Due to the phenomenon of a certain degree of detachment and liquefaction of the vitreous body of the eye in patients with high myopia, excessive rubbing of the eyes for a long time may lead to retinal deformation, holes, and detachment. Therefore, external forces should be avoided or excessive rubbing of the hands should be used to protect the eyes.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise

Due to the elongation of the eye axis in patients with ultra-high myopia and the thinning of the retina, frequent strenuous exercise may increase the fundus pressure and easily cause retinal detachment, so it is necessary to avoid strenuous exercise.

Patients with high myopia also need to regularly check the fundus, in order to detect problems as early as possible, and early intervention, so as to reduce the occurrence of adverse consequences.

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